TAU003 | Adana Twins - Risen EP 12"

TAU003 | Adana Twins - Risen EP 12"


After two strong releases from upcoming talents, Innellea and BOg, including the hugely successful remix from Mathias Schober, the third offering on TAU comes from label heads, Adana Twins. ‘Risen’ sees the Adana Twins signature sound delivered in the form of a 3-Track EP, aimed firmly at the dancefloor with thunderous rolling drum beats and stabbing synth tones.

The release follows the Adana Twins’ delivery of the twenty-fifth edition of the infamous Watergate mix series, packed full of ex- clusive, unreleased tracks as well as three of their own originals. Included in the compilation, their mind-blowing remix of Patrice Bäumel’s decade-old track ‘Roar’ has been received with huge support, currently sitting in Top 10 overall on Beatport.

Simplistic in nature, the Adana Twins have stripped back their sound to provide an EP which at times touches on influences from Trance. Opening track ‘Pavan’ displays these features best, as the synth tones build into a firm and solid kick drum.

‘Maestro’ delivers a more robust sound, with heavy bass line primed for the peak time hours. ‘Ebrietas’ showcases Adana Twins finer abilities to mix between the lines of Trance and Techno, incorporating the industrial nature of the duo’s previous productions.

The EP has been the Adana Twins secret weapon within their record bag for many months, delivering countless spine-tingling moments on the dancefloor. ‘Risen’ EP demonstrates that the forward-thinking duo are in tune with the times, whilst also push- ing forward their own unique sound.

A1: Adana Twins - Pavan
B1: Adana Twins - Maestro
B2: Adana Twins - Ebrietas

Release Date:
Jan 04, 2019 Vinyl (TAU store exclusive)
Jan 18, 2019 Vinyl, Beatport, Spotify
Feb 01, 2019 all other stores

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